Information Update: JCPML. April 2010

As always, a slick, glossy little 4 pager for the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. The front page offers congratulations to  Hayley Fletcher, this year’s recipient of the Hazel Hawke Scholarship and to Professor David Black, for his Order of Australia. There’s also a little promo for the Library’s education program.

The centre pages feature an article on a new display, in the Kandy-Jane Henderson Foyer.  I think I re-read the location twice to confirm.  A very nice dedication to the first archivist at the JCPML, and one who is, of course, well known throughout Australian archivy.  Nice touch. 

This is the first exhibition in the foyer featuring realia from the collection, and starts with Curtin’s cigarette case.  Curtin was a heavy smoker, smoking upto 40 cigarettes a day. The case provides the metanym for an exploration of smoking during the Second World War.  The article, and the exhibit, include some nice quotes from the archives (well referenced) and some images of cigarette advertisements (I’m not sure where they come from.)

Finally, there is a small feature about a new web resource, “The Prime Minister and the President”, prepared by Dr Steven Casey of the London School of Economics.  You can view it at


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