Octconferober (or something)

October is beginning to look like a month when any sensible archivist (or historian) should take annual leave, and either conference until they drop, or hide out at home, suffering from Twitter envy. They’re all in parts East, of course, so option 2 is looking good for me, unless I win Lotto, or find a mysterious benefactor.

First cab off the rank is the joint Australian Society of Archivists/Archives and Records Association New Zealand conference in Christchurch, New Zealand – http://www.aranz.org.nz/Site/events/Conferences/2014_ARANZ_ASA.aspx (29 September – 3 October). The theme is connections, and if you have a lot of frequent flyers you can make the connection to Melbourne, for…

Ipres 2014http://ipres2014.org/ – the annual international digital preservation conference, which will be based in the gorgeous State Library of Victoria, from 6 -10 October. Early bird registration starts on 20 June.  As you are already in Melbourne, you may as well stay and take part in

THATCamp: Pedagogy – http://www.2014.thatcampmelbourne.org/- which has just been announced, and is cleverly following directly on 11 October (Dear Curtin….).

For those of you who are less interested in archives and more interested in research, can I suggest instead a Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne set. On at the same time as ASA/ARANZ we have ISCAR 2014, the International Society for Cuture and Activity Research – http://www.iscar2014.com/. Pedagogically speaking, you may want to skip iPres and go to Brisbane for the  International Education Association conference – http://www.ieaa.org.au/professional-development/event/AIEC-2014 –  and then come back for some coffee and gelato in Melbourne (also sounding good, dear Curtin…).

Come early, and you can attend ICOM-CC – Building strong culture through conservation – http://www.icom-cc2014.org/ – and also based in Melbourne, from 12 – 19 September. Mark you, if you do attend, and then follow on with some of the other offerings, you could be building strong culture through conferences, not to mention a constitution of iron. 

Given all of this activity, I’m hoping that lots of the European, African and Asian attendees will take advantage of a Perth stopover on their way to or from the conferences; and that those from the Americas will think about an east/west, west/east ticket. Let me know, if you are dropping by, so I can plan my leave/work training/lotto winnings appropriately.




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7 thoughts on “Octconferober (or something)”

      1. If the planets align and I’m able to attend iPres, comparative gelato research would be lovely. If it’s chilly, alternative research at Hopetoun Tea Rooms is always welcome.

  1. And the October conference roller cosaster continues to grow. The LIANZA conference (http://lianzaconference.weebly.com/) will be in Auckland this year, just after iPres2014. You could yoyo from Christchurch to Melbourne and back to NZ, if for no other reason than to view the Sir George Grey collection.
    Those of you in Melbourne for iPres could take a break from digital preservation, about half way through, and attend the Council for the humanities, arts and social sciences forum (http://www.chass.org.au/forum/program.htm), or at least attend their prizegiving.

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