#blogjune – stats and facts.

It’s cold and wet and the shortest day of the year, here in sunny Perth (the capital city with the most hours of sunshine, apparently).  I’ve been reading Bill Bryson, and being sat on by cats, and occasionally cleaning out my laptop’s memory – even digital records need to be reviewed and, as an archivist, I am far more likely to toss than keep.  I’ve also been checking the statistics for this blog, as we are now just over two thirds of the way through.

Seb Chan, on his blog Fresh and new(er) (http://www.freshandnew.org/), consistently reminds us that just being on social media and having websites is not enough. Institutions need to be able to demonstrate that the amount of time and energy being put into these media results in improved access to and about collections. It’s probably less important for personal blogs: does it matter if the only person who knows what I think about stuff is me, if the goal of the exercise is merely to write and, through writing, remember? Well, yes.  If it were just the writing, I could buy a diary or fill yet another notebook.  Blogging has a publication dimension, and so I need to think about who my audience might be, and if I am addressing them appropriately. 

Looking at the statistics provided by WordPress, I can confidently say that my most popular page ever is my home page. My most popular post is a little harder to work out, but it appears to be one I wrote in 2010 about Australian Historical Studies, vol. 9.  Coming in behind that is the post on digital archives business cases and, indeed, the posts on digitisation, metadata and digital preservation are also similarly high up the list – both over the entire life of the blog and in the last month.  I’m not certain what drives the popularity of Australia Historical Studies, but I suspect that the relative success for digital archives is the link to twitter, and thence to the Digital Preservation Coalition.  I’m riding on someone else’s coat-tails, as it were.   So thanks to all those who tweeted or retweeted; it’s nice to get the attention, and every little helps.

There’s another ten days of #blogjune to go. I’ll be back tomorrow, but in the meantime, I have to sit in front of a heater and have my legs kneaded by a slightly damp cat, while enjoying the wintery grey sunshine and the much needed rain. It’s a tough life…


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