ACA 2014

Right now in Canada, archivists are meeting, greeting and tweeting, as part of the Association of Canadian Archivists annual conference (  The time frame means that they are closing up as I open my web browser, but I have already noted some controversial comments that are worth sharing and considering.

On the role of emotion in the archive:

@hannahwiseman: Douglas: for a discipline historically dependent on death of creators, we have talked little about death & grief #aca2014

“#aca2014 during Q. period, @thearchivist13 suggests applying lessons from personal archives to corporate records (a great reversal!)”

On standards and interoperability:

“Rolan: Australian institutions tend to have outsourced web presence/databases. Makes standards compliance + display difficult. #aca2014

(I’d challenge this one myself, as the main CAARA institutions maintain their databases in ICA compliant systems, and provide their own websites.  Schools and small collecting institutions using DataManager or Tabularium also create ICA compliant descriptions, as does anyone using series registration – more detail, please!).

Rolan: “Archival standards should be blueprints for interoperability.” #aca2014

And on digital preservation:

Open document formats and #opendata. RT @cpjhenry: What’s the digital equivalent to acid-free file folders for archival records? #aca2014

You can follow the tweets by looking for 

Right now, they appear to be playing baseball?






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