#blogune 2014

It seems a bit of a tradition to wrap up the month with a bit of an overview, and who am I to buck tradition?

I started this month as a minor challenge to myself and to see if this blog could be resurrected. I think it can. I started with the simple premise of a blog a day, largely about issues related to archives, and by exploring both twitter, my emails and the references I find in my work, I think have covered that. I started with a comment about Orphan Black, which finished last week. That seems appropriate.

For the rest – I am still President of the History Council of WA and have attended a strategic planning meeting and a general council meeting this month, as well as a lecture on Richard III from the local Richard III Society( If you are in Perth – our AGM is on August 27, and Winthrop Professor Peter Veth will be speaking on our theme of evidence. We’d love to see you).  I have prepared and submitted a witness statement for my property court case, and I’ve bought some lovely alpaca wool and started the fox mittens.  I’ve finished marking.

I do not freckle easily, but all else is subject to change without notice.




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Archivist, historian, avid reader

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