Pre-October conferencing

In case you thought that October is going to mean a lot of concentration on twitter and post-conference blogging, you can get in a little practice this week.  The International Digital Humanities Conference is on in Lausanne (#dh2014 and #dhLausanne2014).  In addition to the presentations about text mining and digital visualisations, there have been a number of tantalising tweets suggesting that questions about the use of archives, digitisation and digital recordkeeping are all being raised.

I dream of a real nexus of archival rsrch, #dh , multimodal publication, GIS, history, and critical inquiry. #dh2014 Transformative pedagogy

@KatherineFaull mentions that @DianeJakacki (and other librarians/ technologists) aren’t “just toolkits with legs” #dh2014


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@HATII_Glasgow Glad digital curation game at is traditional card game not another awful serious video game #dh2014

On at the same time is the International Council on Archives, Section on University and Research Archives, just down the road in Paris

The University of Melbourne eScholarship Centre is doing all the heavy lifting on the twitter feed at the moment. So far, the role of archivists, appraisal, life cycle and continuum thinking, and digital preservation of complex data have all been raised.

B Muller delved deeply into what we really mean by data and archives, hints of LaTour, UL Data Archive and OAIS @ausnarkie #icasuv14

New role for archivists – the construction of archives rather than the gathering of archives #icasuv14

So many new formats in the digital human sciences @ausnarkie #icasuv14


@esrcmelb: Context is critical. Mariella Guercio on the La Sapienza digital library @ausnarkie #icasuv14

It looks like being an exhausting, exciting and slightly frustrating couple of days on twitter, following the hints and links; trying to make cross connections between the two (and I thought choosing streams in a single conference difficult).

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