Pre October Conferencing part 2

In addition to the ICA SUV and DH2014 conferences mentioned in my last post, I am also watching the Australian Historical Association conference (#ozHA2014), taking place in Brisbane. Like the digital humanities conference, the tweets raise a number of questions about use of archives, the roles of information professionals and presentation and preservation questions.

Yvonne Perkins @perkinsy

Now listening to Niles Elvery of @QSArchives talk about researching the archives for WWI records #OzHA2014


Elvery says that while @QSArchives does not have archives of overseas WWI service there are lots of records of home life esp govt #OzHA2014

[True for all State collections, I would think]

Brilliant paper on ‘chasing Eliza Miles’ through the archives, by Louise Blake: a portrait of research & homage to @TroveAustralia#ozha2014

And more problematically:

Michael Bennett retweeted

PHAVic's avatar

The gloves are on at the Fryer Library exclusive historians ‘white gloves’ tour! #OzHA2014



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