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Two years ago, I signed up for a month of blogging with a whole heap of library, archives and other GLAM related people. The idea was that this would reinvigorate this blog, encourage me to write more regularly (because the art of writing is best practiced by, of course, writing).  I’ve tried to write semi-regularly since then, and I’ve added in my page of unpublished articles and presentations, so that I can at least maintain the fiction that I’m an active, independent scholar thinking important thoughts about the issues that affect archivists and historians.

As with everything, of course, the best plans gang agly. In June to August 2015, I went on a grand tour with my husband, touching down in Brussels, Ireland, London and the east coast of the US. I had a lots of great experiences and even some interesting thoughts, but I tended to write about that on my Facebook page, to keep my friends and relatives up to date with where I was and what we were doing . I came back and picked up the reins here in a desultory way, but my big break, so I thought, was when I took up a secondment with Curtin University, at .8 FTE, giving me Fridays to write and think. I even wrote a blog about that on my Linkedin page.

Yes, well. There was the whole settling into academia and picking up a new unit to teach, and some fellow staff to mentor, and some projects at home. You know the drill. I started once more, but have recently spent some time in waiting rooms and medical imaging centres, neither of which are conducive to big thinking, unless you are in a medical field. The closest I came was wondering what would happen to all my scans and how I would access them, now that they are electronically created, transmitted and stored (you have a two year review with Dr X, please bring all scans).

Anyway, life is back on track, mostly, academia is heading for the mid year break, and I am once again blogging in June. I may cheat a little by reposting other people’s blogs (I’m quite tempted by one by Luciana Duranti), or by responding in a comment to someone else’s blog. I’ll try and focus on the purpose of this blog though, by reflecting on publications, reports and so on. There’s the OCLC report I touched on in March and the GLAM digital collaboration project on which Gionni di Gravio is so ably reporting, to start with, as well as the ever popular last year’s Mander Jones comments. And, if all else fails, how do you all feel about recycled Facebook posts about travel a year out?


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