An embarrassment of riches – #ACA2016, and all the rest

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the number of columns I was following on my twitter feed. It looks as though an embarrassment of riches is again about to descend on us, giving me at least something to write about. First cab off the rank is the Association of Canadian Archivists annual conference, held this year in Montreal (one of my favourite cities) which has two official tweet streams, the first by students from McGill University (@mcgill_aca) and the second by @seanhayes7, who is valiantly retweeting from Toronta. Plus, of course, all the attendees.

It’s early days yet (in fact, as I write, it is early morning, Montreal time).  So, I’ll be catching up asynchronously, and retweeting in about 14 hours.

The other thing that has popped up from that earlier blog is one from the new archives group at the Research Data Alliance, so I’ll leave you in their good hands…



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One thought on “An embarrassment of riches – #ACA2016, and all the rest”

  1. And we’re off :
    ” Archivist Liz @SnarkivistWien

    So many hashtags to follow: #archivesmatter #ACA2016 #AARCon #AxiellEU2016! Archive hashtag overload – a welcome problem”

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