Selling sheets

It’s the sale season here in Western Australia, again. It’s also winter, which means the number of drying days is slightly reduced (more hours of sunshine than any other Australian capital). Which has led to an hiatus in the bedmaking and sheet changing department.  A close inventory of our current sheets shows we need at least two more fitted sheets and my daughter has a yearning for flannelette sheets. So off to the shops go I.

The current fashion for sheets is boringly bland, so I was pleased to find some nicely patterned sheets. I was comparing the sets I found with some from Morris&Co (heritage, you know), when I happened on this little statement on the back , “The Archives and Design studio ensure the continuity of the Sanderson heritage…”

How could I resist?

Archivists are reputedly notoriously poor at promoting themselves, and there is an apparent lack of business archives. This was a nice reminder that it ain’t always so.


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