The Shakespeare character from As you like it is described on wikipedia as “brave, chivalrous, tender, modest, smart, strong, handsome and beloved by all.” He is “exceptionally strong in both body and in his devotion to love”. The city of Orlando in Florida needs all of those attributes right now. As the author John Scalzi reminds us, they need more than the mere mouthing of thoughts and prayers. *

My facebook and my campus are rainbows, and my friends and relatives are participating in candlelit vigils and making sure that everyone here feels loved and accepted.  In the US, American information professionals are ensuring that the community both in Orlando and elsewhere is supported with information and resources to help them work through and understand the issues at play.




And on twitter, archivist, librarians and teachers have been compiling the #orlandosyllabus.

Thank you all

Postcript – SAA President, Dennis Meissner – https://offtherecord.archivists.org/2016/06/15/statement-on-the-orlando-shooting/




*with thanks to @flexnib for the original link.


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