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A few months ago, in In which there are too many hashtags, I included a link to the new archives and records group at the Research Data Alliance. Research data is primarily found in Universities and research organisations like CSIRO, Universities, research hospitals and so on. Librarians have been actively involved in the space, because often the research outputs wind up in their scholars centres and so on, so it has clearly made sense to involve them in the creation of the data as well (the library continuum?).

But these data sets are also records, evidence of actions and transactions. So the archives and records profession needs to be involved too. However, our voices are often lacking.

Today, at the Digital Humanities conference in Tasmania, two documents were established that look at how humanities research and research data can be supported, managed and accessed – and

I’ve added my little bit, and I’d like to encourage you to engage with the ideas presented as well.

Some of the challenges for archivists are identified in a great blog from the University of York.

(and I’ll rant about ‘grey literature’ another day, because the cats are about to eat me).


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