Educating archivists

In a few weeks time, my colleagues and I will be meeting with the accreditation panel for our courses, drawn from ALIA, RIMPA and ASA. We’ve been elbow deep answering the questions posed, and looking at how our courses meet the very broad conceptual focus of the process.  We’re also preparing for Boards of Education to ratify the marking and, in the background, we have the University’s own student survey, Evaluate. With this all going on, you’d think that I was pretty over questions about academic qualifications for archivists.

Today, I found out about this survey from the Society of American Archivists.

I’d really like to hear what people think about the courses that we have here in Australia – use the SAA survey as a guide?  As I say to my students, be frank and open, but also respectful of other’s feelings.






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4 thoughts on “Educating archivists”

  1. Lise, I am happy to talk to you about the SAA’s GPAS as I now have some experience educating archivists in both Australia and US. Although, I have not been through an accreditation process in Australia. LIS programs in the US, including archives, are accredited under ALA and our school will be going through this in 2018. GPAS is not used for accreditation, rather it is guidelines that are recommended to follow. There are separate, dedicated associations that certify archivists and records managers. The GPAS survey is about asking for comment on the changes from the 2011 version to the 2016 version. I am working on a small research project related to the use and value of existing competencies drawing from various US sources including the GPAS and the certification bodies related to how to design and deliver 100% online graduate archival education and develop learning outcomes.

  2. Hey, Leisa. Great to hear from you. I started off by looking at the competencies and standards from the ASA and RIMPA in preparation for the accreditation. It was useful to review against course content, but does not appear as a criterion for the accreditation process. All our courses are taught online through Curtin and Open University Australia, including my units in Archives concepts and practice and Conservation and Preservation. We only teach internally when more than 20 UG or 10 PG students enrol.

    If I can help with the research or send you some info on my experiences with online teaching, I’d be happy to do so.

    1. It would be great to talk to you about designing and delivering online courses. Interesting that competencies are not part of accreditation. I’ll be in touch!!

  3. And I would be happy to talk with you about courses from a student’s perspective, if you are interested.

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