#ALAAC16 – or can those American librarians party?!

For the last few days, I’ve had a column in my tweetdeck feed for the American Library Association’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida. I was impressed by their take on the conference following the Pulse nightclub tragedy, so I watched for the memorial service, which was very moving.

But the thing that has me flummoxed is just how much social content is on their social media. The conference is clearly an endurance event, starting on the Friday and going over the weekend until Monday. There were chapter meetings, and special interest group sessions, not to mention the vendors’ hall, advance review copies of books to read and the Carnegie and Newberry Literature medals to award. Some sessions started at 8am on Sunday, and participants also met at breakfast meetings, and coffee klatches. There was even an icecream review impromptu event (I recommend that to the ASA for Parramatta, perhaps on a different day from the Whiskey SIG – or maybe not? A combined icecream and whiskey liqueur event?hmm). And, of course, there are the dinners and the dancing.

And through all of that, they still managed to have some interesting papers and presentations on digital humanities, preservation and access to special collections, plus all the other myriad papers and posters. Librarians of America – my hat is off to you.


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